Professional Guitar Lessons in Kilmarnock

For 8yrs to Adults, Guitar Encounters deals with Rock to Classics and all Guitar Styles. “I would have no hesitation in saying that it is the leading Guitar Course of this Country.” – Graham Hunter, School Operator

Effective Piano Lessons in Kilmarnock

All our Keyboard/Piano courses which start from age 5 right up to adults will not only teach you How to play, but aim to help you become a musician of the Highest degree, while enjoying every single lesson.

Drum Lessons in Kilmarnock

Lessons from 8yrs to Adults. Enjoy the Thrill of the Live Drum Kit. There is nothing to beat that sensation!


Guitar Lessons

Ever wanted to learn guitar so you can play your favourite songs? Choose Yamaha Music Point Kilmarnock for professional training.


Keyboard Lessons

Are you interested in learning how to play the keyboard? Our keyboard lessons will get you started. Call us to book keyboard or piano lessons.


Drum Lessons

Our Drum Encounters course can significantly improve your drumming skills and also teach you how to read drum music, something many professional drummers lack.


Singing Lessons

Free your inner popstar and begin your singing lessons today. We offer a great range of group sessions and pirvate sessions. Call today to book your first lesson.


Become the Muscian you Always Wanted to be

Learn a new instrument or improve your playing with the Yamaha Music School in Kilmarnock.

Promotional Point on Guitar Lessons

Guitar Encounters is possibly the most comprehensive course worldwide. Teaching and producing outstanding professional standard guitar players. The course is fully accredited with an exam syllabus. It contains great classic songs that the kids enjoy playing.

Fully equipped studios with a great sounding guitar to play along with fantastic backing tracks.

They will learn lead and Rhythm guitar as well as Writing and composition.

All of this put together…….the results are Amazing!

Promotional Point on Keyboard Lessons

Keyboard lessons with Yamaha Music Point Kilmarnock will allow you to learn with some on the best musicians in the area and learn with a great level of progress.

We have all the latest equipment and training techniques to aid a clear and progressive learning program. With friendly and professional musicians that have tried and tested methods, you can be sure of a calm and relaxed atmosphere to help learn at a comfortable level and speed.