Learn to Play the Drums with Confidence

Our highly skilled and experienced drum teachers will help you take your first step towards mastering this dynamic and energetic instrument. You will be learning from some of the best teachers in the business at our comfortable teaching studio.

Learn From The Best

Yamaha Drum Teachers are skilled performers, that goes without saying, but each teacher has been through rigorous training from Yamaha Music School UK to ensure you receive the best possible drum tuition.

Our drum encounters course is designed to help you:

  • Learn the basics of playing techniques and rhythm
  • Learn to improvise right from the start
  • Prepare you for playing in a band
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Our Drum Lessons

This course is designed for drum enthusiasts from age 8 to adulthood. Our Drum studio has two acoustic drum kits of large and small sizes as well as an electric kit. This is so you can enjoy the thrill of the Live drum kit, nothing beats that sensation.

The Drum Encounters Course will not only give you great playing skills but will show you how to read drum music. This skill is invaluable in the music industry and many drummers lack this skill.

This is a drum course with a structure, a syllabus and a destination. The Yamaha course will take you through the Rock School grades starting from grade 1 through to 8.

Your drum teacher will help you reach that destination and the reason why he is best qualified to do that is because he is a skilled instructor. He has the support of a nationwide group of professional drum teaching experts. Try a drum taster lesson and see for yourself.

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Affordable Lessons

With lessons priced at £10.50 per hour and a free taster lesson the Yamaha Music School are your number one choice for drum lessons in Kilmarnock