Effective and Friendly Guitar Lessons

Whether you are a newcomer or experienced guitar player our guitar tuition can help you brush up your skills. At the Yamaha Music School in Kilmarnock we provide expert tuition from highly skilled and experienced teachers to help you reach your goals.

Low Cost Lessons from Top Quality Teachers

In order to achieve the highest standard possible every guitar teacher at the Yamaha Music School receives ongoing training to the highest level. Each lesson you have will prove to be not only enjoyable, but also educational. We teach Rockschool exams if you wish to take exams but this is entirely your choice. So, whether you want musical qualifications, or just want to improve your playing, our top quality teachers have the knowhow to help. Our guitar lessons are competitively priced at the rate of £10.50 per hour.

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Guitar Encounters

Guitar Encounters is for all ages from 8yrs to adults. From Rock to Classics, it deals with all guitar styles and reading and improvisation skills are also taught to the highest level. Our teachers are amongst the best musicians available and trained to the highest degree. This means that our lessons will help you reach your goal of mastering the guitar and are also great fun!

We teach in groups so that each student’s playing skills will be finely tuned. So not only will you hit the right note with confidence but you will also play exactly in time. That is the key to great musicianship.

The teachers go through rigorous training so that each Yamaha lesson is easy to understand, grasp and put into practice.

It goes without saying that our guitar tutors are also expert musicians but they can also translate their skills into simple layman’s terms so that you will be able to follow along easily. Not all musicians have that ability.

Without hesitation, I would say that Guitar Encounters is the leading guitar course of this country. The cost of each lesson is only £10.50. Why not Book a free taster lesson to see for yourself?

We Offer a Free Taster Lesson to Allow you to Experience our Expert Tuition and have a look round our Fully Equipped Teaching Studio.

Guitar Encounters

The Guitar Encounters course is for electric or electro-acoustic guitar for all ages from 8 years upwards. The course is designed to be a fun and enjoyable way to improve your playing.