Are You Looking For a Piano Teacher in Kilmarnock?

If you are searching for a piano teacher in Kilmarnock then look no further than the Yamaha Music School. We provide a free taster session to allow you to experience the standard of our teachers for yourself.

Highly Skilled Teachers

Every teacher at the Yamaha Music School goes through rigorous training before qualifying to teach at a Yamaha Music Point. They receive regular training every year to ensure their skills remain sharp and you receive the tuition you deserve. Whether you choose our Piano Course for 8 years and upwards or the Junior Piano Course for 5-7 year olds, we are confident you will be pleased with the standard of our teaching.

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Our Piano Lessons

Our piano lessons can start from as young as 5yrs to adults. Yamaha Music Education has an international success rate in teaching piano instruments. You could not be in better hands. The Yamaha teaching system is completely unique. It’s goal is to produce musicianship of the highest degree while at the same time making the learning process enjoyable.

This is more than an ordinary piano course. The Yamaha method of teaching is what makes it unique! You will be able to do more than just learn from a sheet of music.

You will learn the ability to improvise at the piano and accompany other musicians without the aid of music as well as being able to read music. Whatever course suits your needs you can Book a free taster lesson today!

Our Free Taster Lesson Could Well be the First Step to Mastering the Piano. Contact Us Today to Find Out More.

Piano Lessons

Our Piano Mate course is a group teaching programme for learning piano skills and techniques. Under the supervision and guidance of a skilled teacher you will take your first steps on the piano and develop your skills.