Improve your Vocal Range with our Singing Lessons

The Yamaha Music School provides expert singing tuition and vocal coaching to help you improve your singing technique. We teach a range of styles including pop, musical theatre and rock & roll. Our skilled teachers will help you to sing the music of your choice confidently and accurately.

Singing Lessons For All Ages And Abilities

Our popular singing course is suitable for anyone aged 8 years upward. The main focus of the course is:

  • To master breathing and singing techniques
  • Preparation for singing in a band, choir or solo performance
  • To help you enjoy your singing

If you love to sing but recognise that you need help with voice coaching and vocal training then this is the course for you.

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Our Singing Lessons

Whether you are a complete novice or you would like to improve your singing skills, most professional singers would agree that this is difficult if not impossible to do on your own. Engaging the skills of a vocal coach and teacher can transform your voice from a quivering squeak or a painful squeal to a bird song.

You can enjoy a group lesson with others of the same level as yourself for £10.50 per 1 hour lesson or a private lesson for a half hour for £12.50.

Why not test your voice out with a free taster lesson today? You may release a hidden an undiscovered talent for all of us.

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Improve Your Singing

We provide a free taster lesson and with lessons starting at £10.50 per hour the Yamaha Music School is your first choice for singing lessons in Kilmarnock